Who are you?

We are the Unaccepted.  We are those who refuse to sign the file, who won’t deny our religion and integrity to become accepted members of the United.  We are rebels, outcasts, criminals, denied our rights and hunted by the government.  We are fighters.  We work outside, within, and underneath the United to outsmart the system and bring hope to–

No really, who are you?

Who?  Us?  I’m Aubrey and he’s David.  We’re authors and we decided to write a book series together.  Actually, it went like this:

In September of 2011, I, Aubrey Hansen, published my first book, Red Rain, a YA sci-fi novella about a persecuted Christian girl living under the oppressive rule of the “United,” a militaristic megacountry whose policy was to promote unity by forcing its members to deny all social and national boundaries–including religion.  About a year later, David J. Hartung, who had cheekily claimed the title of being my “#1 fan,” followed through on his promise to write the first real piece of fanfiction for Red Rain.  After he saw how much I adored his take on my characters, he had the audacity to suggest that we collaboratively rewrite his fanfiction and publish it as a canon sequel.  I, being rather fond of crazy ideas, jumped at the chance, and here we are–with a growing collection of YA Christian science fiction we want to share with the world.

If you want to find out more about our series, you’ve come to the right place; that’s what this website is for.  We also have a Facebook and a Twitter.  If you want to find out more about us authors, check out our personal pages:

Aubrey Hansen’s website • Facebook • TwitterYouTube

David J. Hartung’s website • Facebook • TwitterYouTube

Want to contact us?

We’d love to hear from you!  All comments, questions, fan submissions, interview offers, and autograph requests can be sent to: [email protected].  If you’re interested in carrying our books in your store, contact: [email protected].

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